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Sunday, 21st January 2018
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Today is 2/18/14 and I had my first ever reading with Shelly on 1/20/14. She told me it was not going to be easy with the man in question. Right now and since October 20th we have been broken up. I called her wanting to know if I was going to hear from him again because even though this is hard I want to give it one more try. She gave me some markers to look out for. One marker was the name "angelo" and she told me when I see or hear that name that means my ex is thinking about me. Another marker was that I get breaks outs on my skin, like rashes and she told me when that happened it was because he cannot forget about me. Another marker was that of a heal on a shoe breaking. And lastly she told me I had a friend or family member's birthday in March and when that birthday came, that is when I'd hear from my ex, like a direct conversation. She told me she didn't like the kind of contact she saw through the month of February. Well, most likely the reason is because it has not been direct contact through this month but rather he has been going into a chat room under an alias name that I go into and so yes, that is contact in an undercover indirect form which is why she probably didn't find it important but the good news is she liked the one she saw for March. Obviously March is not yet arrived. BUT, I thought she was gonna be full of it with the markers stuff cause I never saw one until the morning of February 8th. I FINALLY saw the name ANGELO on a metaphysics and spirit group that I had just been added too that same morning! Then, (and I don't know if this counts as the second marker about the heel thing but) my boss calls me and tells me the heel of his shoe slipped out from under him and he feel down on the ice and twisted his knee! My other friend (the same day later on) tells me he was watching the olympics and one of the athletes injured her heel and also even later on that night his friend's son also injured his heel. And again TODAY my friend tells me his WIFE injured HER HEEL two weeks ago and it has not yet healed up! The skin rashes, I all of a sudden had very itchy skin on my leg this past weekend and it was a slight rash that broke out. It went away a few hours later but I had several minor break outs over the last two weeks. For March birthdays I have 4 ex's that have bday's in March and only ONE actual FRIEND who's bday is March 6th. So I'm not sure which bday it will be. There's March 1st, 3rd, 6th, 14th and 17th. LOL! Hopefully it's my friend's bday. I have booked another session for tomorrow to get clarity and hopefully some more markers because I'm stressin again. TY Shelly as you are AMAZING! Love you to pieces! Many blessings be with you! Love Jess M.
Date of Posting: 18 February 2014
Posted By: Jess M
United States
I have just been going through the past email readings from Shelly and have come across what I should've already known. I've been through a bit of a upheaval this week in my situation (that Shelly has been my rock through) This upheaval had actually been predicted by Shelly for the month of February!, and also a marker that she had given me a couple of months ago I got again 2 days before this issue that has happened. "There will be talk of a TV hanging on a wall. Marker in time that you are making progress and you just have to pull your energies back and not be vulnerable in this situation." Spot on yet again. And I do recall getting this marker each time before something comes up that tests my emotions! Another marker I had was a marker of a white pick up truck, Shelly kept seeing it everywhere and had said when you see this u know the man in question will surprise you. Well low and behold 2 weeks later on my daily travel to work there was a white pick up truck on the side of the road! Never been there before. I saw it everyday for the week, but there wasn't any surprises so I thought mmmm. The next day I was heading that way again seen the white truck had a chuckle and said I wonder when ill get my surprise! On the way back the truck wasn't there but when I looked ahead it was coming in the other direction! Next morning I get a apology msg from him first thing followed by an amazing in depth conversation which I was totally unexpecting! Surprised? very much so! The pick up truck is no longer there either.. These are just a couple of examples there has been so many markers that have come true n repeated when they are truly needed! Have faith in this wonderful lady! Her accuracy is amazing, you will be blown away! Thank you Shelly & Argus xxxxx
Date of Posting: 14 February 2014
Posted By: SA
I had the pleasure of having a reading by Shelly and I must say it is the BEST I ever had. I've already recommended 3 people to her. The markers are already happening and it's sooo exciting. I'll be getting another reading soon. She'll be in my life forever!!
Date of Posting: 13 February 2014
Posted By: MT
I can just go on about her insight and markers..but this time i came here to say a few words from my heart..ADVISER she is,but what touches me most is..WHEN AM IN PAIN AND A MESS I JUST WRITE AND SHARE WITH HER..she,being such a busy bee,always finds time to write back a few words to lift me up..I FOUND A FRIEND case is highly crazily complicated,but its her who i believe in, i trust her and believe her..apart from her insights,she also works on making me a stronger person and lends her shoulder to cry on..thank you shelly :)
Date of Posting: 05 February 2014
Posted By: BM
She has been a tremendous help for me, and her guidance has helped me seeing things much more clearly than if I didn't have her. She told me that the guy, S, would seem to give me more when mention of travelling to my country would be mentioned... Well nothing could describe our speech topics better; We would talk 24h about how he would move over close to me as soon as possible, so the marker was already processing, but she also (unfortunately) foresaw that it would end soon as he would go nonchalant, and she was very much right about this too. Her markers and insight are always spot on for me, and it's almost like she has been standing beside me all the time and seen everything that has happened to me. Hopefully this will all clear soon (I feel it does) and things will be better, as she has predicted for me as well! Thanks Shelly and Argus, not to forget!
Date of Posting: 02 February 2014
Posted By: A. S.

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