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Sunday, 21st January 2018
UK Time: 12:32:pm

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After numerous readings off random people over the past couple of years its the 1st time ive actually felt i had to give feedback, only had the reading yesterday so as far as predictions go, ill wait and see...but validations , spot on..she's the only one to have told me the impact "Jackie" had on my situation (yes she gave me her name)and was right that i had my own special name for her lol.Phil, Emma, Fred, Amanda...yes i know them all. Bang on with the 32 years of marriage.The bowling with friends marker happened later that day.Will definitely have another reading when predictions start happening.. 10 outta 10
Date of Posting: 13 October 2012
Posted By: lynne
I have had plenty of readings off Shelly over the years and she always puts my mind at rest. She always tells it as it is and doesn,t give you false hope, i always speak to her when im feeling down and she picks me up straight away, not only is she easy to talk to she has a very calming nature too.
Anyway i had a reading from Shelly last weds (3rd Oct)she gave me quite a few markers, which is her forte, and she was telling me things that i thought to myself - i cant see that happening, but low and behold one of the things she said to me was that did i know someone called Peter, i said there,s a man called Peter who started work at the same time as me, and she said is he leaving, i said i dont think so he,s only just started, i couldn,t believe it, but when i was speaking to him on the friday he told me he was thinking of leaving as he doesn,t really like it there, i was really astounded by that and how she had known about it, she also knew i,d booked a couple of days off work and said i would be getting some money off a certain someone, couldn,t believe it yet again when i got the money today (8th Oct)i just need to wait until the end of the month until i get full contact from that person too.
I just need to be aware of the markers she,s given me, but i,ve nothing to worry about as everything is slotting into place so soon already.
Shelly always puts me back on track when im panicing about that certain someone and at times when im feeling down, having a reading from her really helps settle me, she is one in a million.
Thanks Shelly for always being there for me when i most need you, lots of love Sharon xxxx
Date of Posting: 08 October 2012
Posted By: sharon
Bolton Lancs
I have had several readings with Shelly now and one by on the markers come in even though some are very random.... I am still waiting for some of the big ones but with each reading I seem to be getting closer.

Shelly is a caring and straightforward psychic and lady and no matter how panicked I get she is always happy to reassure me.... She will not tell you want to hear, but gently provides the information she is given. I have always had a gut feeling about my situation, but Shelly has confirmed my thoughts in her readings.

There have been times where I have thought definitely not... But sure enough in it comes.... Shelly and Argus have truly been my Rocks throughout this situation.

So thank you for your time, support and guidance. I will be back when it all falls in to place!! And I have no doubt it will even though I panic!!!! Anyone looking for some with honestly and integrity should definitely speak to Shelly... It will certainly help with whatever your situation.

Date of Posting: 27 September 2012
Posted By: F
I have been having reading's from Shelly for a while now so I can confirm that this ladies prediction's "DO" come to fruition & with such amazing accuracy too!!!...
So far Shelly has predicted the date's of contact from the ex the cancellation of a holiday the end of my ex's 16yr profession & I could go on & on & on......
She give's the best validations iv ever had from any psychic (& believe me over the year's iv spoken to ALOT!!!) & she gives you the truth in a nice gentle way with genuine advice on how to move forwards with positivity.
I have had many "yes your ex is coming back readings" BUT Shelly is the only one that predicted the longevity of this situation even when all the sign's were pointiong towards a reconciliation months ago!!! Shelly knew that this wasn't to be & that a meeting we were planning was not going to happen so instead of being heart broken I was prepared for the let down & it certainly didn't hurt so bad, that's not to say that I havent been given hope that we will oneday reunite BUT at least im not sitting around waiting & am instead living my life with the knowledge that the more you hang onto the past the further away you push the future & all the good things it has to offer.
Lot's of Love to you Shelly. X
Date of Posting: 07 September 2012
Posted By: Tracey
t, London
I can only keep this short because I only had the reading on Tuesday 28th August...I just thought I`d let people know that two of the markers that Shelly gave me have already presented themselves....One was a `hen party` ...well I went to a colleagues leaving do last night (31st) it was at a local pub, just as I was getting in to a car for a lift home a `hen party` crossed the road! I just couldn`t believe it, I just wasn`t expecting this marker to happen quite so soon....the other was `wind turbine`....this afternoon (1st September) I tuned into top of the pops on catch up tv for last Sunday because I was bored..I couldn`t believe it...a disused wind turbine was mentioned! Well what can I say...I didn`t ever imagine these markers would materialise so quickly but I`m gobsmacked that they actually have...I know Shelly doesn`t like to take the credit and that its ARGUS that gives her the info but she is the channel thats been chosen to give out information, my only regret is that I didn`t ask her to clarify something that I`m now wondering if you ever have a reading from Shelly, make sure YOU ASK her anything you are not sure about....I thought I would be dumbstruck with nerves during my reading but Shelly is so easy to talk to that I realise I was worrying about nothing...GOD BLESS.xx
Date of Posting: 01 September 2012
Posted By: Linda J

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