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Sunday, 21st January 2018
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Hi Shelly i would like to thank you for my reading today 17th of june 2011
i was blown away by your ability ...the names the valedations was so spot on , even the name of pater that i had text today gave my sisters and my mums birthday months ...i was so impressed you picked up on ll male engeries that i have chatted to over tha last ew months woooow....this lady is fantastic ..i am still in shock ..:))
i will look out foryour markers shelly i have never heard of them before are a wonderful lady and truly blessed .. i thankyou from the bottom of my heart for a mind blowing reading ..keep up the good work lnl xxx
Date of Posting: 17 June 2011
Posted By: caron matthews
I have say, I had a reading with Shelly on Monday 13th June and am still in awe at her accuracy and compassion. She asked me, why is 9 months significant to me. well my ex and I re-connected between August and May = 9 months. She also asked had I known him for 7 will be 7 years exactly Mid July. She validated other very personal stuff which was nailed! Her markers have given me a piece of mind that NO other psychic reading has ever given me. In fact, I believe one of her markers has already happened, though not sure! She asked did I know anyone called William..well I don't...she said news or speaking of a William will be one of my markers, to let me know the energies are shifting and I'm on the right path as to getting back with my ex. After the phone call, I thought of my Aunts husband Willie, who is in spirit, so thought, that must be it, if I hear anyone talk of him, that'll be my marker. Well...on the day I spoke with Shelly, I had sent my ex a birthday present, it was a biograghy of the poet William McGonagal. My ex replied to me by text (which Shelly said he would) and thanked me for the gift, as I replied (3 hours later on Shelly's reverse psychology advice that she gave me)I was stunned to notice I was typing...poor ould William had a hard life! There was my marker! At least I think it was? Could I be reaching? I don't think so! Shelly's time framce for us getting back properly is between August and October so I will update then...and of course if my other markers occur I will update again too! I ADORED Shelly's reading, and it was worth every single penny. Her answers came quick and to the point, I only had a 20 minute reading, but she squeezed in the most she could in that time. Shelly and Argus, thank you so much, and in the long run you've saved me a small fortune of psychic updates, as I feel you covered all bases! You'r a gem and an angel xx
Date of Posting: 16 June 2011
Posted By: Ciara Fitzgerald
Want Ex back, Ireland
Hey S
Thanks for writing that about the markers, I had mt first reading with Shelly this week and was wondering the same, Do they come in the order she says as she said one would be around the time of a big horse race and today was Ascot? spooky im not into racing at all and just happened to see the opening cermony on tv round a friends. I must say i have had the same answer from other pshyic regarding my question but Shelly is alot more direct with the info and the markers will stop me from panicking its not on track. Cant wait till i see more. Im very glad i have found her.
Thankyou shelly and Argus xxxx
Date of Posting: 14 June 2011
Posted By: sarah prior
Following 2 brilliant readings from Shelly I just wanted to reply to Elaine regarding her testimonial. Elaine meet your sister! - I have no patience either - after 18 months it's worn... until now ! I have been waiting for something to come back and have had the same experience of being told the same info from others. If you have lots of psychics on the case then you are going to confuse yourself. Shelly will tell you exactly what they tell you but she will give you far more information so she nails it. Not one psychic has given me any markers apart from Shelly. I didn't even know what a marker was until I found her. After I got them, I'd be the first one to watch for them straight away but if they don't happen for a while don't panic. I was told I'd hear the name Jessica. I don't know any jessica. The day after my first reading I heard it on the radio. It was a sign of a marker that someone was attempting to make contact, that it wouldn't happen but the thought was there that they were very tempted.Knowing this is enough and you don't necessarily want the action to happen but you are aware that it's a strong thought. sometimes the markers can repeat themselves, I didn't think i'd hear this again... this morning my pal wanted me to help her send a message to her pal on email and she called her name out.... 'Jessica' again !
I was also told i'd hear news of the Duke of Edinburgh and gloomy news around it. His bday was June 10th, and i heard gloomy news on that day. Now it was nothing connected to me just general gloomy news but came at the time she and Argus said.

It was just highlighting an event to say I was on the right track.The markers can sound like X needs to be in place and rigid conditions before they mean anything but they don't happen like that. They are random and pop up when unexpected and you are meant to see them so don't worry about missing them.
Sometimes I have to tell myself to be patient too but when you least expect the markers...they appear.......The markers are there to remind you, you're on the right path... timelines from past psychics never materialised for me either in fact according to some, I should have been back with this person last Christmas and living with him again! They seem to change because of how the energy changes so I have forbidden myself from interfering. You have 4-6 weeks as your timeline, that's not long hun. I'm on up to 4 months before the completion of my 'project' so that's what your markers are there for... to settle you down when you know it's not going to be overnight....

By the way for hun, for my second reading she gave me the exact same timeline for getting back with this person so nothing changed. It was just phrased in a different way.

You've probably saved yourself a lot of money finding Shelly & Argus .... you won't need any other helper but these two !! Fabulous, Fabulous.... xx

Date of Posting: 14 June 2011
Posted By: S XXX
xxx, Irl

I have read and understand your grief at this time. I want to say a huge 'thank you' for all the love and care you (and Argus of course) give to the people you read for. You readily reply to emails when I'm feeling low or just giving you private feedback.

One of these occasions was the marker 'Jacob' and you replied this was given to me as an encouragement to carry on. This is oh so true. When I'm down/doubting my future Jacob pops up and I am immediately re-assured.
I hope you understand this rambling but it is meant to tell you that we love you and your work for and with Spirit. Take care.
Date of Posting: 10 June 2011
Posted By: Mary H

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