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Monday, 28th November 2022
UK Time: 7:41:pm

Geopathic Stress Service

geopathic stress roomWhenever I mention this, most say 'what is that?'. But you have all felt it in one building or another, one place or another. Ever walked into a building and simply not liked the energies? Those ones are normally the extremes but each and every building/plot of land etc will have negative energy from various sources.

There will be the negative energy from what we call 'footfall'. This is where people have lived and visited in a building and their negativity leaves them and is absorbed by the building, finding its way very slowly to Mother Earth. This is a slow process but Geopathic Stress, with the use of a dowser, crystals and chanelling can remove this negativity and heal the building. Ever gone on holiday for that much deserved rest and left your holiday feeling so much better? You will have left your negativity behind, that is footfall. Even when it is our home, when we are upset or there is an argument it will leave a residue of this negativity.

This negativity does fall downwards toward Mother Earth. She is the only thing large enough to take all of our negativity, but when we do something to disturb the land, anything from mining to digging an extension, fracking to digging a grave, it disturbs the veins of negativity that lie under the surface soil. This can have an impact on the negativity in the building as the negativity veins are fractured. Geopathic Stress cleansing solves this.

This is being used by many people to not just cleanse their own homes, family homes; businesses, but also by corporate companies eg. Estate Agents to help sell houses that are not moving; corporate businesses to aid a flagging business. It can be used in any structure or plot of land. It will show where the most negativity is so you can be aware of this.

Some call it 'sick building syndrome' and it can be cleared very quickly. This can be a one off process but please remember that the negativity will always come with footfall, so for this reason I suggest you consider having it done every couple of months. I have done one home for a while now and seeing how that is now to how it was when I first did it is amazing. Initially I could not see the floorplan when I started but now, hardly any negativity and the occupants of that household are very relaxed and happy.

To date I have had feedback that people's homes are a lot more peaceful, the occupants calmer and more at ease. The 'feel good' factor to the home has been restored with others all of a sudden making progress at work where they had been stunted (remember work buildings can also be done), or businesses have picked up when it had become stagnated. Negativity affects every area of our lives; including health and stress levels.

geopathic stress pendantWhat you get back is a report of what has been done, photographs included and what spirit bring to the building from having it cleansed with the power of crystals.

It is a three day process for me to do the geopathic stress cleansing. But I do not dismantle the cleansing until I am certain that it has all gone.

If you decide that this is something you wish to be ongoing, I can keep a copy of your floorplan so you do not have to repeat the drawing every time!

If you wish to book this, please click on the button below, the cost is £35, and then email me a copy of your floorplan. It does not need to be to scale, does not need to be from a title deed .. it can be hand drawn, but please show the windows and doors and individual rooms of the ground floor. Email me with this to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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