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Monday, 28th November 2022
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Taurus Time Overview

Taurus Time Overview

In this month of the Taurus, the theme should really be words, mean it, action, result.

Taurus is all about our lifestyle; the material needs; what we need to function and survive on all aspects.  Material, physical and financial.  We need to feel stability in our lives to feel comfortable so this time of the Taurus is about looking at all of this and making good on our intentions/needs and wishes.

We must ask what we wish for; but we must then also accept it.  Not work against it.  Silly example but no point in saying you wish to diet and lose some weight whilst eating a large chocolate bar!!  It is identify what it is that you want to happen in your life, mean it and take the action needed. Do not work against yourself.

The time of the Taurus is all about bringing into your life not just what you need, but also what you truly desire.  The time of the Taurus can make this manifestation start.  You won’t wake up and suddenly it all be there, but the seeds will be planted so that they can be watered and grow.  This is the beauty of the time of the Taurus.  Dreams can be met and fulfilled. Needs can be met and fulfilled. Desires can be manifested. 

Emotional Freedom Therapy

I am happy to say that I now have another string to my bow. 

As with the Reiki qualification I have also been working towards my EFT qualification.  I am have now attained the Foundation Certificate and the Practitioners Certificate in EFT.

This is another service available to all.  Locally hands on from me and internationally, or not so local, I have devised a strategy for you to benefit from this service.  Prices are available on request.

I've been getting readings from Shelly for a few years and she and Argus have never let me down in terms of guidance and help, and it seems her leap to EFT Therapist was a natural progression. And as such, it was a natural progression for me too to have a go at this new specialty Shelly has to offer, as during our readings in the past, her messages to me have indicated I deal with things in a certain way, but I've never really been able to fully handle certain situations, as I have blocks within myself. She is already very authentic in her psychic stuff, so I was already assured she is as an EFT therapist too. . I'm very open to all sorts of ways to help me cope with life in general, and I had a session of EFT with Shelly. I felt extremely comfortable with Shelly, though not very comfortable with myself, as opening up to my innermost feelings isn't easy for me, however Shelly guided me through the process, and made me feel very at ease. How can tapping various parts of your body and repeating a mantra work towards releasing emotions, I hear you say..I asked the same thing....and to be honest, I haven't a clue how it just did! I did feel a lot 'lighter' after our session, but not only that, a little more clearer, as if some of the fog had lifted. A large part for me is with abandonment issues, and learning to deal with that, and not have it affect my present r'ships, isn't easy, but I have to say EFT has something in it, and I'd highly recommend to anyone thinking of doing it. If you want to take control of your life, and release the shackles that hold you back...EFT is the way...and Shelly is the woman! Thank you Shelly...for all that you do for are truly an earth angel x

Please inbox me to arrange. 

Love and hugs

Shelly x

Reiki Advanced Degree

I have been working over the last few months on my Reiki Qualifications.  I have been qualified to practise this for a while but have now passed my Advanced Degree in Reiki. 

I am one who believes in self improvement constantly; not to sit back and let life pass us by but to strive to continue learning in whatever area interests you.   Mine clearly is the holistic side of life.

This service is now on offer to those who live locally to have hand on Reiki treatments from me personally.  Prices upon request.  Please message me from the contact page on this website to arrange.

As ever love and hugs

Shelly xxx

Recent Activities

I am a firm believer that we should throughout our lives improve ourselves; learn new skills, knowledge, etc etc.

To this end I am happy to say that I have now been certified in Geopathic Stress, will do a blog on its own merits in due course, but you can take a look at the tab at the top of the page to see a little more on it.

I have also now been certified in Reiki and about to toddle off and do my advanced.  Then onto my Masters.  I can then teach it. 

It didn't stop there!!  I am also now a qualified EFT therapist.  Emotional Freedom Technique.  If local to me then I can do it hands on but my international clients, if you are on Skype, then we do it through that; I have decided to offer this internationally as it is a technique that really does work.  Had some great results with it.  Not yet advertised but if you are interested, inbox me from the contact page on here.

Love and hugs to you all xxx

Geopathic Stress

Not many have heard of this, but all that have had it done on their homes and business premises feel a difference.

It is something that I am qualified in doing.

Every property/home/building will have a build up of negativity over the years.  The easiest way to describe this is if you have ever gone somewhere totally stressed out or upset.... then come away feeling nice and relaxed.  You will have left your negativity there.

Mother Earth turns negativity into positivity but this takes her time to do this.  She is the only thing big enough to take all the negativity that we generate.

This negativity sits under the soil as Mother Earth turns it into positivity.  If however we dig, mine, frack etc this disturbs those veins of negativity that she is transforming and it comes to the surface.

Geopathic Stress Cleansing identifies these veins of negativity within buidlings and removes them.

A client recently sent me this in relation to the Geopathic Stress cleansing I did on her house;

Hi Shelly, I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you. You recently did cleansing on a house of mine - I have had so much stress with it that I decided to sell it - but nothing was going right - it seemed to be a mass of bad energy - you could feel it as soon as you entered, but as soon as you cleansed it - the energy felt so much better and the house looked lovely - I put it up on the market on Wednesday and I had two buyers on Thursday - that was so cool - I whole heartedly recommend anyone to get their homes cleansed - I feel that if anyone doesn't feel at ease or theres so much sickness or arguments they need to get it done as a matter of importance for their health and peace - thank you so much - hugs xxxx

Posted by Lily

October 2015

If you're interested please see the tab on the website for details or inbox me from the contact page.

It is something that I do on my own home regularly; it is something that I would not hesitate to do when selling or buying, or going through a hard time. 

Love and hugs

Shelly xxx


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