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Thursday, 16th August 2018
UK Time: 1:03:am

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Just wanted to state in the open and in public that I nor any of my associates endorse or agree with the internet forum that is running on Psychic Shelly.  I did not ask to be included in this forum which essentially is about a well know TV psychic programme, I was not consulted about it nor indeed did I give or was asked for permission to use my name, information and posts that are copyrighted to me and when requests have been asked to remove the thread, it has been ignored. 


If anyone has an issue with this please email from the contact page on the website and if anyone wishes to discuss markers/validations/predictions again please email me but with your true identity not a false tag name and myself or the Admin Team will be happy to discuss spiritual aspects.  This is the fair and proper way to conduct ourselves, not hiding behind false names which gives no credence whatsoever to any comments, good or bad.

We are completely transparent.  Please give us the same respect.


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