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Friday, 30th September 2022
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Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

I did a reading with shelly on behalf of my friend..the first 2 readings were so accurate with the markers and timelines to the was those readings that come to pass so crazily that ur left with you jaw open for days...i did a 3rd reading regarding the same topic,and this time she gave a few markers and an outcome..dated april...and omg !!! exactly as she said on the 1st of april it happened..EXACTLY AS SHE SAW IT...this ?just dropped my jaw to the extent that its still not fixed :) brilliant ,just brilliant....the team of Argus and Shelly just rock till the make us roll ..........................whoever is reading this !!! just go for it with out a blink of an eye
Date of Posting: 07 April 2016
Posted By: BM
My story is a quite long one... a 6 years long sad love story ( like Carrie and Big. seriously ) !!

This is how long I have known Shelly and how long I have been waiting to write this testimonial on how amazing shelly is, not only as a Psychic but also as a human being. She and Argus are the best duo, they have been very caring and accurate in our readings over the years. Most of the markers and validations happened. Some didn't but that's because of lots of free will that delayed the main event... but eventually the main event finally happened this year in 2016.

Many times I called shelly crying and losing hopes and many times I begged her to tell me that the man I love will never come back to me. So I can move on and meet someone else. She and Argus kept saying in 6 years, even when we broke up badly that it was still not over. That he was not ready then but that he will come back by this year and gives me everything I want.

Many of my friends thought I was insane or masochist to love this man and gave him so many chances. I think it was love, deep down in my heart I always knew ( there is a dark past behind it, he is a very good man with past issues he had to deal with), I needed Shelly and Argus to prove me that I was on the right path and give me the strength...

Well... I moved in with Big 2 weeks ago and met the parents and we are making future plans together.

I can't thank you enough Shelly & Argus to have kept me sane all this year :) xxx

PS: 6 years ago, Big moved to the other side of the country for good. Shelly & argus told me he will move back a year later and that we will be back together but there will be issues around the road. It was quite an adventure indeed !!
My favorite marker in 6 years : you will see a tangerine tree ( Argus gave this marker during winter !!), he will ask you to move in. Few weeks later, his mom sent me a picture of tangerine tree she just bought. He asked me to move it 3 days later. xxx

Love, Carrie xx
Date of Posting: 06 April 2016
Posted By: Carrie
I just want to say how great Shelly is. She is absolutely amazing and will tell you as it is. I was in a dark hole a few months ago and she has helped me through. Her markers are brilliant and help you keep on track or focused when you need them. It's so amazing. Things she has told me have come true and others yet to come to fruition. I can't believe how after several months I feel positive about things. I'm glad I found her, wish I had sooner. She's definitely one of the best psychics I have come across. Pleasant and honest. She really picks up everything around you and validates as she going along. I've cried on the phone to her and at the time thought I would never feel right again. But she is right about not holding onto stuff as things just get delayed. Just to forget and see all the predictions start to unfold.
Thank you so much for being there for me and helping me Shelly. You are like a friend I can confide in.
Date of Posting: 25 March 2016
Posted By: Mandy
U.K. Staffs
Hi! Just wanted to drop by and leave a comment on how unique and amazing Shelly's markers are. One big example of the uniqueness of them are - "You will have a broach pointed out to you; I am simply seeing a broach on a lapel. So there must be something different or special about this broach."
This meant that things were set to happen and the right pathway was being walked

A close friend got married on Friday and instead of having the usual choccies as a gift for guests on their table they had purchased pink ribbon broaches for everyone as their gift! (we have the pink ribbon design for representing breast cancer in Aus, she is also battling cancer herself) So that is very much something different and special!!!

I didn't remember this was a marker until I was telling a family member about the broaches on the Sunday. I had had such a busy night and next day that I had totally forgotten. The Friday & Saturday night ended up being quite emotional for me and I was ready to give up on everything. So on Sunday once it all clicked as always I was amazed on how spot on Shelly and Argus are!

Markers aside, I had also called Shelly the Saturday night I was a blubbering mess and she has advised me not to make any rash decisions that I was overthinking things and that by Wednesday I would be feeling a whole lot different, guess what ........ again spot on!

The duo of Shelly and Argus are one amazing team and knock my little socks off time and time again. My journey has been a difficult one and Shelly is so patient and understanding with me that I appreciate it so much! Much love to you both and thank you xxxxxx
Date of Posting: 02 March 2016
Posted By: SA
I had several readings from Shelly and Argus and they never cease to amaze me. Consistently compassionate and non-judgemental, Shelly is an invaluable friend to me. Her readings are always accurate and to the point. My markers in previous readings have shown up over and over again, followed by the prediction. A wonderful shining light, Shelly is a true angel. Thank you xx
Date of Posting: 04 February 2016
Posted By: Judi

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