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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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Date of Posting: 06 June 2015
Posted By: BM
I simply have to share how scaringly accurate her last prediction was.

I asked if I could look forward to a more sexual/romantic ground with the guy I liked for years. She gave me so many markers and predictions and I am flabbergasted how ALL came to pass, in not only the exact order she said them, but also with the events they led to happening RIGHT after the marker had shown itself.

- The name Andrew/Andre as well as the talk of "mountain climb" would be my cue for my situation moving forward, and I have a friend I talk to called Andrew who only seemed to write me as I had just talked Don. I've also been using a dating app, where a guy had written "Life is like a mountain climb...", which was also while the situation with Don seemed to flow well.

- When I saw someone move their long hair away from the food is when he would feel more chemistry. That someone seemed to be me, as I did pick out my long hair from my food, and that intertwines well with the next prediction, because that's when he started talking about seeing me to help me with a project.

- When I saw a coin spinning it would be my marker that he would be planning to see me on a one on one basis. I was in the middle of talking to my roommate whether she thought he wanted to see me alone, or if he had invited others over to do this project related stuff, and then she was spinning a coin while we had this conversation... And I did end up seeing him one on one for that project. She told me I would be really flirty with him and he would really like it; I was, and he reciprocated.

- "On top of the world" was my marker that my wishes were coming true. I was flabbergasted when I heard this on the day for a great party when I saw him, my native language isn't English, so I especially didn't hear it the exact way Shelly had put it, but there it was, I was watching a movie with the guy me and Don would later attend a party at, called "Blended" and one of the women's sons suddenly yells out "I'm on top of the world!!" I almost couldn't believe it when I heard it, because I had a weird sense that that night would be the night the progress with Don would go to new unexplored lengths, and Shelly's and Argus markers were there to confirm it for me.

- A trip to London would be my marker that he would make his move. I was at the party and this happened on the same day the last marker came in. There was a girl (who was sitting in between me and Don, uughhh!) who was talking about a trip she had a few years ago to London. 5 minutes later, yes, about 5 minutes later... I was "dared" (in a childish game of truth or dare) to kiss Don. I was scared and tried to get out of it, because of what happened years ago, but in the end I just did it. He kissed me back, but I was so nervous I didn't kiss him for long.
Later that night/morning, things escalated Shelly and argus made this very clear to me: "do not define the potential of the relationship just through the bedroom. Make sure that it is more than that." And there I was in his bedroom having that sentence resounding in my head, Shelly was 100% right on her markers and predictions, and I've already booked my next reading and will not make any further moves in my situation before I received the proper guidance for me to make the right decisions for myself.

I am so glad that I finally got to explore this, but be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. While I was finally feeling his lips against mine for the third time (it was only then I was alone with him in his room) I was thinking of Argus and Shelly and thanking them silently in my head... I couldn't have been where I am without Shelly and Argus, while it isn't exactly making me feel immense happiness at this moment, and I'm actually considering to leave this situation now for good, this was what I wanted and asked for. Shelly and Argus delivered. ~
I already booked my next reading and I trust that Shelly and Argus can help me relieve some of my confusion.

Do try and book a reading with her, you'll see her and Argus' uncanning accuracy for yourself.
Date of Posting: 31 May 2015
Posted By: ASS
I just want to write a few lines of appreciation for this wonderful lady. I first spoke with Shelly a few weeks ago, and instantly from the moment we spoke I realised this amazing woman was genuine. She gave me plenty of validations and markers which come in almost daily. I have every faith in Shelly that I will get the outcome she predicts for me. I have followed her advice and practiced the figure 8 religiously and I totally swear by it. Although I've only known her a few weeks, speaking with Shelly is like chatting with a dear friend. She is always there for me with her love and words of wisdom, and replies to every email I send.. Regardless!! Her voice is confident, calm and reassuring and I trust in her completly. I've been through a really tough time recently and this amazing lady has given me strength But has also made me feel calm about that things will be ok and to just let the universe do its job. Thankyou Shelly for being you and for sharing your wonderful gift.
Speak soon Angel
Love and hugs xx
Date of Posting: 15 May 2015
Posted By: Hayley
Staffs, uk
havnt written a testimonial in a long time,,,cz i was travelling the path Shelly had seen and i had not...i refused to believe i will travel that path,and reach to the place shelly had already today am writing this to say that...what ever Shelly had said wud happen,the way it wud happen,when and how ,i see it was not an easy path tho..she had said i will be in a position which i thought i will never be...but i am there today was tough,it was a long slow walk.....a change,controls in my hand,and strength she saw .....she has been there with me from my weakest to my strongest ..guiding me,advising me ,there when ever i needed her............she is so proud and happy to see that i have finally achieved what i never thought i wud....the most amazing part of Shelly readings are...its not just the insight or predictions ..its the advice that comes with it,that is so needed to make those predictions happen....thnx Shelly and Argus .
Date of Posting: 12 May 2015
Posted By: BM
Shelly delivers. Hence I keep returning. Specific ones I had recently:
Marker of people talking about "Geneva" would indicate I was on the right path way if I terminated some intense processes - "Geneva" isn't exactly a word any people I know of would talk about, but a site I regularly visit named a pet "Geneva", so that was the word between a lot of people in there for a while, I never expected to see the marker like that!

Nose piercing, especially a nose stud, that would indicate certain someone would be more "nosey" about me, and I've seen this marker sooo many times, today, and a lot of other days - and there has always been increased interaction when this had shown, and the nosiness, as far as I've seen, is that this certain someone for the first time is starting to initiate conversations and is indicating his presence in my personal space in ways they never used to.

I could go on for a while, a lot of predictions and markers come to fruition I say "a lot" and not "all" because logically, she sees different path ways and I can't take all of them and I choose to go out of my way sometimes to alter predictions, not always intentionally though, but nothing is completely set in stone, however Shelly's guidance makes it hard to miss the way you want to go, because you'll get the tools you need to achieve it.

My journey has been pretty much filled with ups and downs, but I'm following my heart, and even though I do feel it might not be the "best" road to go, it's one I feel I need to take, and I trust Shelly is there for me as she has always been.

Thanks to Shelly and Argus for the guidance!
Date of Posting: 09 May 2015
Posted By: A S
Client since 2012 (as far as I remember), DK

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