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Sunday, 24th September 2023
UK Time: 4:31:am

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Shelly is truly the best. Very honest and extremely accurate. She told me she saw a friend of mine performing a certain job function back in May of this year. She gave markers for it and even saw him shaving his face. Well I got the markers and he got the job performing the same function she saw back in May! Thank you very much for everything you do! Love you wise counselor!
Date of Posting: 19 September 2014
Posted By: Simply Me
Hi Guys. Just wanted to say how amazing Shelly is and absolutley accurate. The markers are fantastic and always come about at the right time, even older ones come back out of the blue at the exact right time!! I have found it is better to just let them be and not focus on them and then bamn there they are with the prediction to follow. I have had many dreams interpreted by Shelly aswell and she does a fabulous job, so much detail and understanding. So in all areas i cannot recommend Shelly enough, you definately wont be dissapointed. Shelly doesnt sugar coat the reading at all which is great, so many readers out there that just tell you what you want to hear which is no help at all. She is an amazing reader with an out of this world amount of accuracy, she has incredible patients, and most of all she is helpful, understanding, caring and never judgemental. So if you are reading this as you arent sure then put that doubt away, Shelly is the real deal!!! xoxoxoxoxo
Date of Posting: 16 September 2014
Posted By: SA
..........IT IS RAINING MARKERS..........................
this time i had to share the marker bit with you guys...shelly has given me markers in plenty cz the situation is complex,and i keep checking with her..there are old markers that repeat,and come at the appropriate time...i got a few new markers 2 weeks back from shelly,and most of them have come,these are regarding situations of the person in concern...markers that were given b4 and the latest ones are pouring in like crazy,i see different markers everyday,this kinda pouring markers is happening the first the situation is such i guess.......she gave me this 1 particular marker last week..she said ANGEL YOU WILL SEE A CUT THUMB OR A FINGER...AHH I WD GO BY THE CUT THUMB SHE i kinda assumed ill see it on the internet or something.........last night i happen to switch channels and stumbled upon the movie SPECIES..well,i have seen that movie years ago.which had part 2 and 3.....while i was watching it....I SEE THE SPECIES BABE TAKING A KNIFE AND CHOPPING OFF HER THUMB................omg !!!!!! i was in shock,excited,i didnt know how to react,but i cudnt tell anyone....cudnt wait till this morning to check in my saved emails to see what was the marker for.....THIS WAS BIZZARE,CRAZY....I JUST CUDNT BELIEVE IT.....................THIS ITSELF TELLS YOU THAT SHELLY IS THE still kinda in a shock :)
Date of Posting: 26 August 2014
Posted By: BM
Had a great reading today with Shelley. Found her to be very open and very honest, just the way I like it. Loads of validations and plenty of markers.
Shelley was extremely accurate about my current situation describing people and situations with great precision. I will definitely be back. Thank you for your time today. Tracey xxx
Date of Posting: 25 August 2014
Posted By: tracey
I forgot to leave a testimonial a few weeks ago as I won a free reading with Shelly's game on this website. Just goes to show, the game is real and you can win! I hadn't played for ages, then I just happened to see a comment Shelly left on her FB page about winning a reading, so I just played there and then, and hey presto I won! Was like winning the lottery!! :D So go for it!!! And thank you Shelly, as always it was a wonderful reading.

Take care
C x
Date of Posting: 23 August 2014
Posted By: C

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