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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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Wanted to update on some Shelly markers again.

In a February 19th reading Shelly told me of a marker in which I'd see a zipper being zipped up someone's back which was to indicate I'm on the right pathway. I've gotten that one alot of times within the last two weeks.

In a March 1st reading she told me I was going to hear something about the beejees and that meant he is starting to understand that the only way he’s going to get contact with me is by making it direct but he’s still not brave enough so he’ll do another prod or poke but this time it may be a blank text message or a blank skype message and when he does that I must give him the attention at that point. I just got that one lastnight. So far I have not gotten a prod or poke yet, however that doesn't mean that part won't happen but I noticed he changed his facebook profile to where the profile pic and his background pic are now blank. He just did that yesterday. So maybe that's it. I don't know. lol

March 14th reading she said I'm gonna hear someone talking about a really bad smell or see someone holding their nose and that was to indicate that he knows he has not been nice to me. I've gotten that one so many times since that reading but the most recent was on March 26th.

I had my first reading back on January 20th with her and she asked me who Dan, Danny or Daniel is. I didn't know. She also mentioned that same name in two more of her readings and told me to not ignore him when he comes in because I'd really like him and he would be good to me. Well, I totally forgot back in January but I had a friend named Danny that I met in a chatroom back in early 2012 but he was married at the time so we were just friends. I hadn't talked to him since November 2013 but that was a brief encounter. Before that I hadn't talked to him since early 2013/late 2012. All of a sudden I get a text message from him out of the blue yesterday (3/27/14) and he told me he had been looking all over for me for the past two weeks and that him and his wife are now separated and then began to express to me a lot of his feelings of how he felt connected to me from day one and some other things. I almost fell off my bed. We ended up talking for quite a few hours after that. So just wow.

I still have not seen the the contact markers as of yet, but I know that they will come in at some point. I'm starting not to care as much as I did before. I think we get to a point where our soul becomes so worn out and exhausted from the pain and the desire to be with someone who is treating us so nasty for no reason, that it finally just says "enough, I want peace now". I think that's the point I'm either at or nearing too very rapidly. Nevertheless, Shelly helped me through the pain in a major way and for that I will forever be grateful.

Thank you so much universe for allowing my path to cross Shelly's. And thank you so much Shelly for choosing to stay in my life. Love you so much words are not enough to describe it. Love and big hugs.

Namaste <3
Date of Posting: 28 March 2014
Posted By: Jess
Student of the Wisdom of Shelly, United States
I'm posting to update on markers. First, I'd like to address BM. Thank you for your kind and supportive words honey. I'm trying my best to keep the faith and hope alive to some degree. I too come here to read other people's testimonies of success as that also keeps me going on top of beautiful Shelly's energy. I'm trying not to become a Shelly energy vampire. lol. :p I'm very happy to know that your situation is working out after such a long wait time of years. Not sure how you did that, and I'm pretty sure that I could not and will not wait that long. So you have some strength there girly. :) Good for you! :) Pretty sure I wouldn't wait past the one year mark, if I can even hang in there until then. Doubtful and hopefully I don't have too. But, who knows.

Marker update: had a reading with Shelly 3/14/14 so it's only one week later and she gave me a total of 7 markers. 5 of which have already come to pass and have also repeated themselves several times within this past week. Also got one of her markers from a February 19th reading. That one was that I would see a zipper being zipped up someone's back. Seen that on tv a few times this past week. That's to indicate I'm on the right path.

Markers from last reading are as follows: Gonna hear a quote out of the bible which indicates I'm on the right path as my ex and I have a very strong spiritual connection. I heard a bible quote a few hours after the reading and again two days later on tv.

She said I'd see a crochet multicolored blanket slung over a couch. Seen that one on March 18th on a tv show called the big bang theory which was the first time I've ever watched it. That was to indicate more positive energies are coming in.

She said someone named john or jonathan would be either asking for help or someone is asking for his help. I seen that marker twice. First time was a jonathan who sent me a friends request on my spiritual networks page and the first post he had on his page was that of him asking for help to save a forest. Second time I heard it on tv lastnight and there was a John on there talking about how his dead friend had asked him for help moving just days before he died. That one was to indicate that my ex is in a much worse space than I realized. I woke up and looked at his facebook today and here he has a profile picture of a skull with a mask on it lighting a cigarette. :/ Guess that indicates he's not in the most positive of spaces. :(

She said I'd see an elephant with large ears. I seen that one on a tv commercial for furniture on the evening of the 18th. Also, yesterday on March 19th i was crying and all of a sudden i get an email notification of a post that someone posted on the spiritual networks page regarding elephants that die if their mate dies as they starve themselves and cry until they die. I clicked on the picture and one of the elephants had larger ears. That marker was to indicate my ex was looking and listening out for me.

She said I'd hear talk of a really bad smell or even see someone holding their nose. I seen that one soooo many times. Heard it on tv on the 17th. Seen it on a commercial and a movie on the 18th. It kept repeating itself big time on the 19th as my niece and nephew were talkin about their stinky bums and then my brother comes over and says his feet really stink. Heard it again lastnight while watching discovery investigation show where the person said that the room smelled so bad she had to clean it herself. That marker was to indicate that my ex knows he's not been nice to me at all.

Still haven't had any communication with him as of yet. Praying for that one. I'm sure I will hear from him at some point.......just not sure what point that would be and it's been so long so it's hard to hang in there with any faith and hope. Her markers are wonderful, just wish I could see some tangible evidence matching the meanings behind them. lol. But I trust Shelly cause what are the chances that I'm gonna see any of this stuff? She just knows. If her markers come to pass then I have to think that the rest of what she says will come to pass as well. I love Shelly to pieces and she's the only one I trust now. I've spoken to over 50 psychics since this all began back in October and nothing they said came to pass. She was the only one that told me I wouldn't hear a thing until possibly March and she told me that back in January. My ex is so very stubborn so I'm not surprised that I haven't yet heard a thing. Everything happens in its own time I suppose. Thank you Shelly. Love you lots. Namaste <3
Date of Posting: 21 March 2014
Posted By: Jess
Student of Wisdom, United States
Hi everyone.....I just had my first e-mail reading with Shelly and I was blown away on how accurate she is.

She told me things about me and my ''loves'' situation that was so very true... amazing she has such a gift to see the truth.

She is the ''real'' deal she is honest and accurate .... try a reading with her you will not be disappointed ..I am so blessed to have contacted Shelly she has gave me answers and hope....I can not thank her enough....Love you Shelly
Date of Posting: 18 March 2014
Posted By: Carolyn
just a simple person just like you, Connecticut U.S.A
i always come here to read peoples testimonials ,that makes me feel so happy..JESS I READ YOURS case is very similar in parts to which jess wrote below..YES EVEN I HAD REACHED A POINT OF NO HOPE,JUST EVERYTHING GOING AGAINST ME AND ME FIGHTING TO HOLD ON..AND AN IMPOSSIBLE SCENARIO,BUT SHELLY SAW IT was her support and help/guidance that gave me the strength to hang in...FROM A DESPERATE FRUSTRATED DEPRESSED ME...SHELLY BROUGHT ME TODAY TO A STRONG JESS wrote below..I WISH THE OTHER COULD COME NOW ( the other person) I WISHED THAT my significant other was taking his own sweet time .the pain and hurt,the waiting and longing was just draining me,was so fed up that I WISHED SOMEONE CUD COME IN TO SOOTHE ME..but yet i didnt wana move on...luckily shelly never said i will meet someone :) like many others said i wud..i knew deep inside THAT I CUDNT AND I WONT...wish i cud write about my markers too..but boy !!! that wud take a whole lot of space,as i have many markers,AND ALL HAVE COME IN...but this one particular marker that shelly gave I WILL SEE A RED SKY,LIKE REALLY RED OR DEEP ORANGE...this was one marker that i have seen like a zillion times in the past few weeks...every where i look i see a wall paper,a photography..tho other markers also have repeated a couple of times...but this one i see everyday ...THIS TESTIMONIAL MAY MAKE NO SENSE TO THE PEOPLE WHO READ..i just felt like writing ..JESS HANG IN THERE..BELIEVE IN SHELLY...YOU STORY CANT BE AS TOUGH AND COMPLICATED AS MINE....IF I CUD STAND THRU IT WITH SHELLY,S HELP....SO CAN YOU :)
Date of Posting: 18 March 2014
Posted By: BM
I just have to write this coming from my heart. I've been on a tough, deep spiritual path for the past 5 years. It has been extremely painful in every way imaginable. I found Shelly January 20th 2014. I never had a spiritual mentor in my life. I'm self taught and self learned. But even a teacher needs a mentor at times. And I sure did. I've never had one. Shelly has been a tremendous mentor for me. I've been an obsessed mess really since about February 26th. Can't tell you all how many emails I sent to her and she was sooo kind to respond and she didn't have too. She's not in this for the money. She really really does care about people. She comes from an extremely high spiritual place. If nothing else, I'm so thankful that my life path has crossed hers. I've been going through a very heart breaking time with my soul mate who left me 6 months ago but the energy is still very very strong. A spiritual connection that I've never experienced before in my life. It has torn me to pieces. It is currently manifesting into the physical within my body to where I feel so sick, heart problems etc. Nevertheless, Shelly's responses via her emails to me have helped me so much to let go. Tonight I feel peaceful about letting go for once. I'm now focusing on me and my life. No more giving my energy to him and focusing on him. I've made a schedule and set small goals to accomplish just like she suggested I do, and you know what? I already feel better having done just that. Many of her markers have come to pass. In fact, most have, just haven't yet received the contact. Most likely my own fault putting too much energy into this situation and him as well. I'm now ready to release the pain and let things happen as they will when it's the right time for it all to come to pass. But I want to express just how much love I have in my heart for Shelly. I am forever grateful to be in her energetic presence. Blessings be to you Shelly. Namaste <3
Date of Posting: 18 March 2014
Posted By: Jess
Student of Wisdom, United States

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