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Friday, 30th September 2022
UK Time: 10:01:pm

Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

I had another amazing reading by Shelly. I asked into a course opportunity, and she even predicted how the course would be structured before I got to know it (4 day week- course) she also predicted how transport would work (its quite further away than I'm used to) and she also predicted the tiniest detail, that unfortunately turned into a bigger problem than I anticipated in regards to my love life. Shelly always helps me put my mind at ease when I'm stuck, and I feel confident after getting readings with her about which ways I want to go. Thank you for your authenticity, kindness and helping hand Shelly & Argus!
Date of Posting: 31 August 2018
Posted By: Ava
Client for years, Denmark
I have been reading with Shelly and Argus for almost 5 years now. In this time, Shelly has become more than my trusted go-to psychic - she is a wonderful and loyal friend and kind supporter who is always the voice of reason when emotion gets the better of me. You will not find a better psychic and human being anywhere.

Time and time again, Shelly has proven herself accurate and indispensable when you need real insight into what's going on and how others around you may be feeling. In addition to consistently predicting events, she is a frighteningly accurate empath. Shelly has actually spoken words to me that the people I'd asked about later said.

Shelly's markers are also so specific and accurate that they cannot be doubted. A little while ago, Shelly told me I'd hear or see the name Roland which would mean a job was coming my way. I got the marker twice and a job which I thought impossible to materialize has come my way. Even if you think there is no chance of what she predicts happening or what the markers are happening, patience - almost always it turns out just like Shelly says.

Thanks lovely lady and Argus - you are the best!

I.W. (from over the pond)
Date of Posting: 27 August 2018
Posted By: I.W.
Shelly is amazing. She is like a rock & her & Argus are second to none.
She has read for me for over 5 years now & even when I really doubt her predictions she amazes me with her accuracy. Thank you for all your help & support. If anyone is reading this & contemplating a reading - DO IT.
She is the best psychic in the UK.
Date of Posting: 30 July 2018
Posted By: Venus
I'm going through a really rough time right now and I hang on Shelly like the mother I never had. She's a great friend and a great guide. She's always there when you need her without fail even when she's going through her own hard times. I love this lady so much.

I've been talking to her for over 4 years now. I must say that at least 95% of everything she said would happen, did happen. I've definitely received pretty much all of her markers given over the years, some with meanings that I didn't like and were hurtful but nevertheless, truthful.

I wish my situation had not have turned out the way that it did. It's a very painful reality that I face with it. Now I'm once again hanging onto Shelly's coat tail for comfort and solace. I probably schedule too many readings with her and maybe even get on her nerves when I'm in rant mode which I'm trying to chill out on but I love getting markers from her. After I get markers and I've run out of markers, I wanna talk to her again. Strangely, lately, markers have been flooding in the last few days and although I haven't seen evidence of their meanings because it's impossible for me to do so at this time, I believe it's all going down as she said it would and at some point I'm sure I'll see the evidence of that just like I typically always do.

I just want to say thank you Shelly and Argus for serving humanity the way you do. Blessings be with you <3
Date of Posting: 10 July 2018
Posted By: Anonymous
Shelly always puts things into perspective for me, she is genuine, compassionate and non-judgemental. No matter what the circumstances, you always know that Shelly has your back. The markers are like a comfort blanket, they are re-assuring and prove that you are on the right path. Thank you so much for everything Shelly & Argus. I cannot recommend you highly enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lots of love as always xx
Date of Posting: 17 May 2018
Posted By: Jude

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