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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

I had a reading in March with Shelly, she was very accurate, and gave me some things to look out for, not sure if this is the one she mentioned!!! but she did say something about a Steve and mentioned 40.....only Steve I knew was my ex landlord.....I have not seen him since I moved away, but I was watching TV one evening and The 40 Year Old Virgin was on!!!! wouldnt normally watch such rubbish, but the actor in the film was called Steve.....having read other testimonials, I realise that this could be what I was to look out for!!! anyway, I have also spoken to the man I asked about quite recently, this was predicted by Shelly....and how we would meet up again was fingers crossed everything else comes Aileen.
Date of Posting: 28 April 2010
Posted By: aileen merry
I had a fantastic reading with shelly,she is extremely accurate and very honest.I was giving so many markers in time and within two days atleast four have come to pass.Shelly told me there would be something about a surf board.I decided to watch a film and im sure some of you would know it,it was the fantastic four and the silver surfer think have the name right was def surfer anyway,here he was the character in the film gliding around on a surf board!I laughed so much.Shelly also said there would be the mention of the name oliver and declan,i dont know any oliver nor is it common in ireland but my mum started talking about this cook whose name is jamie oliver and said it was a man she knew by the name of declan that told her about him.I am utterly astonished,little scary how accurate but in a good way cos you know if shes right on them shes right on everything.Shelly you are a god send and im sooo glad i found you not only are you the best psychic out there but what you say and predict actually come true and thats what makes you and argus so unique.I will most definetly be back soon,lots of love to you and argus.xxxxxx
Date of Posting: 26 April 2010
Posted By: Marie na
I was gobsmacked by the acuracy and detail that shelly revealed during her reading,it is rare to come across a reader as genuine,and coming from true integrity,as her As a pychic myself i rarely recommend other readers but i cannot recommend her enough she will blow you away.having had readings all over the globe she really is world class
Date of Posting: 08 April 2010
Posted By: aristos psaras
psychic, london uk
I've had two readings with Shelly and both she and Argus are amazing with their validations/predictions, some takes time. Shelly predicted that I would here from a person by a certain name - I was skeptical because the only person I know by that name was a classmate at Uni (10 years ago) and couldnt say that we're friends as we had different sets of friends. Weeks after the reading, the person requested me to be a friend on FB and we exchanged a couple of messages. Shelly mentioned that someone has given or will be giving me a stuffed animal with big eyes - weeks later, my cousin emailed me pictures of his daughter (god daughter), in the picture she is surrounded with My Melody stuffed toys, her 1st bday party favours, and my cousin told me that he saved one for me. Shelly also mentioned that I would be either seeing or hearing a fireguard - two weeks ago I was watching Come Dine With Me and there it was, the dinner host fumbling with his fireguard. I asked Shelly how my new job/new colleagues would be - Shelly said that a sign would happen to calm me down that the career move would be alright - something wrong will happen with a computer keyboard - I thought one of the keys would get stuck, but last week I was wiping surfaces in the office and picked up the keyboard to wipe underneath it and not knowing that I picked it up from the wrist thing that comes off easily, the keyboard fell on the desk - I hope that that was the sign, though I know that not everything comes rosy and pink, it is good know that somehow, the move would be good.

I'm waiting for the big event to happen.

Thank you Shelly and Argus x x x
Date of Posting: 05 April 2010
Posted By: kat s
I've had 2 readings with Shelly now. I can't yet say all her predictions have come true, but some of them definitely have, and with timings! She immediately made me feel at ease as she's so down to earth. The things which have come to pass are things which I could never have forseen happening, she really does have a special gift! Thank you for keeping me sane xxx
Date of Posting: 02 April 2010
Posted By: Laura B

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