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Thursday, 18th August 2022
UK Time: 11:09:pm

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I have been having readings with Shelly for over 4 years now. She is the only psychic I have readings with. Her accuracy and predictions ever seem to amaze me. Her markers make life magical and you know there is a divine force helping you and guiding you on your journey.
I just had a marker come in that was so obscure, just as I was getting telepathy about the exact situation. She gave me a Canadian Mountie ( I did not even know what it was had to look it up) When it came in today, I knew all the telepathy I was getting was accurate and my intuition was spot on. I owe so much of my spiritual development, inner strength and faith in the divine to this wonderful lady. You won't find a more accurate psychic! Absolutely incredible - Thank you Shelly, you have empowered me so much since I found you!
Date of Posting: 13 July 2017
Posted By: Angela
I see many clients on a day to day basis, when one told me about Shelly I was instantly intrigued. I immediately set up an appt and being intuitive I had a good feeling. Right away Shelly was super sweet and very comforting through the reading she mentioned names of people who had passed away and things that they used to say to me. I burst into tears I got so much positive feedback I was in awe. The most amazing part is the markers that she left me with over a period of about a month went by when I saw each marker she had told me to look for (I'm waiting on one more) it's the best reading I've ever had and will definitely be happy to get on a regular basis.
Date of Posting: 27 April 2017
Posted By: Chad P
Lash artist, Beverly Hills CA USA
MARKER SPECIAL UPDATE.....i have been reading with Shelly from 2013 .and have been getting all her markers since then..some instantly,some when the situation is playing out exactly according to the markers..
of course its exciting to get those markers always..
i dont know why this time ,or rather from past few weeks.the markers are really kinda life changers for me,..the feeling is just unexplainable...maybe the situation is such that the markers are giving it a total confident high..its IM TOP OF THE WORLD feel....
the markers are crazy and bizarre...and i have been getting them exactly as the story plays out....or rather immediately seems like am getting a reading with Shelly cz its been answering my questions....there was one marker of cup cakes and i have been bombarded with them since a week..another was..i love you 3 times...omg !!! from past two days all i read is i love you i love you every where....and most of my markers are from Instagram lol.......and the most amazing thing is....its fallen in after the other per how the story shud unfold.....I AM IN LOVE WITH THE MARKERS NOW...i just want a reading to get more markers...hahaha !!! THE FEELING AND THE CONFIDENCE ITS GIVING ME IS EQUAL TO BEING WOOED BY THE MAN !! hope im not sounding as if i have lost the other side of my brain !!!...
Date of Posting: 22 April 2017
Posted By: BM
Shelly is the real deal. I have had several readings with her over the years & from what she first said to me in 2013 through to my most recent reading this week, I can say that practically everything she said has come true. Some things have taken years to make sense, others have taken months & now I'm seeing markers in a few days...! If you want answers & a real prediction - speak to Shelly. She is ethical & compassionate & the most random markers I would never believe in a million years have appeared in front of my eyes, too many times to be coincidence, over & over again. She gave me a date recently & that is the date that the love of my life called me. He called me yesterday & my jaw dropped!!! It brings tears to my eyes as I am so glad I 'found' her. If you feel lost, call Shelly. She has guided me through the worst years of my life & I am thankful & appreciative. She & Argus are doing great work here. Thank you so very very much both of you. I will call you again soon. Take care & much love. I cannot thank you enough! xxx
Date of Posting: 25 March 2017
Posted By: venus1
Sorry guys !! Had to come back here to update..a prediction given yesterday happened was a huge one..2 very tough markers already happened today..ARGUS IS ON FIRE..SHELLY NAILING IT..AND ME SINGING......"ThE HeAt Is On"
Date of Posting: 07 March 2017
Posted By: BM

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