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Thursday, 18th August 2022
UK Time: 10:04:pm

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I went with my son to the video store to rent a wii game and the girl in front of me had a magazine with the Twilight guy on the cover. The ENTIRE magazine was about all of the actors..the movies..tons of pics....and she was telling the guy at the register that some girl she knows would be wild over the book!!!!! The title said VAMPIRES..ect., Twilight!!! I just said out loud.." Oh my God"! and she turned around to look at me and I think she thought I was talking badly about her. I felt bad but could not help myself!!! There is a stand with magazines in it at the checkout but I would have NEVER noticed the book had she not had it in her hand , flipping through the pages and talking to the guy checking her out!! That was one of your "calm me down" predictions Shelly!
I also put in an old movie an hour or so's paused now, but it is Shallow Hal. It is hilarious, but I was watching as it was beginning and one of the producers or some credit name in the beginning of the movie was Peter something!!! You said I would hear from him within hours of hearing that name. I did not HEAR the name Peter, but I read it! Not sure if that counts Shelly, but those 2 things have already happened and we've been off of the phone for exactly 5 hours now. Maybe I'll hear from him tonight or in the morning, Shelly.
I'll surely let you know when I do, but didn't know if the seeing Peter and hearing Peter were one in the same or not!

Debbie xx
Date of Posting: 01 January 2010
Posted By: Debbie Lawrence
Just wanted to say a big thankyou to Shelly for reading on 14/12/09. You totally shocked me when you named the area the person in question lived! Can't believe how accurate you were!! I have had many readings before but you really left me gobsmacked!

You have given me some great things to look forward to. Also, things you have said I should be hearing about have happened!!

You are soooo talented!! Have a great Christmas!!

Love and Light x x x
Date of Posting: 14 December 2009
Posted By: Aquarius Girl
Shelly is amazing, she has helped me through tough times and given me so much hope for the future. Everytime she reads for me it feels like she is healing me from whatever pain I am going through at that moment and by the time I finish, my whole body feels light and happy. She has a gift like no other and I am so happy that I have finally found her.
Date of Posting: 29 November 2009
Posted By: Sharon
Shelly and Argus, thank you. you are amazing. The reading was absolutely wonderful, with amazing validations and predictions. I said I would let you know if it had all come true and you were right, it has. I could not save it once the trust had gone but you gave me hope for a future. You are truly gifted and a beautiful person. So wise, deep yet with a great humour...but you remain humble. A beautiful person with amazing eyes... your picture shows these. We are blessed to have you here.x
Date of Posting: 18 October 2009
Posted By: B
I have had lots of readings with fab shelly and argus in the last year or so and she has helped me enormousley with my realtionship, in fact I sometimes marvel at her patience as I am sadly lacking in it!but we are hopefully getting there now and she continues to pick me up,dust me off and put me back on track,i am always amazed at her validations, my last being sheperds pie! a very important one as it is a standing joke only between me and my man, and others too numerous to mention,thankyou xx
Date of Posting: 02 September 2009
Posted By: Alison

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