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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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Have you recently had a reading with Shelly? Perhaps you would like to submit a testimonial. Here are some of the latest comments Shelly has received ....

Hello all.
I don't where to start.
I have left testimonials before and feel I really should leave another one today and because I want to !!
For a year or so Shelly use to read for me on a regular basis regarding a certain man while Shelly was reading on us she kept saying about Andrew and Andy.
In June 2015 I had given up hope on the situation and stopped having readings as it felt the complete oppersite
was happening, around the same time as I stopping having my readings with Shelly, I stopped talking to my ex completely for 5 months no contact nothing.
Then I met this guy called Andy to cut a long story short he was a complete pain in the bottom Time went on and I had given up looking for my markers and then I noticed that they started coming in again or maybe I was more observant again around the September time I just ignored them then in October 2015 I went back to my part time job and bumped into my ex I say bumped I had let him know o was going back but had no reply. From then on more markers came and went one of them was a willow ornament I had no idea what they were until Shelly had given me the marker 6 months before and I got one from a friend Xmas 2015.
This past year everything Shelly said would happen happened the meetings and how things would play out.I went back to a old reader who promised me lots of things that never materialised and even said the man I am seeing now will go out of the picture.
Often through out the year I thought of Shelly and Argus and all the things they told me but I didn't contact Shelly I even mentioned it to my old psychic who would say another bloke will do something but it would be the one Shelly told me.
Less than two weeks ago the guy I am seeing went funny through a argument and I freaked out and kept thinking what if my other psychic was right, so I contacted Shelly, I was

so worried but she welcomed me back like I hadn't been away.<
I didn't tell Shelly this but when she called me Angel in a e-mail I actually cried it's so comforting.
Shelly has been amazing the Last few weeks and my markers are coming
Also as the markers are coming in things are changing and things are getting better again between me and the man.
It's really strange this time round but because of everything that happened as predicted over that last year I know that I can totally and utterly trust Shelly when she says pull back or let him crack on and yes I been trying to do the figure of 8 although bit hard when someone on your mind every second so constantly doing the figure of 8 makes you dizzy.
Sounds bad to say it before because I was so frustrated I didn't listen about the pulling back and I created so many arguments because I was to poke and prod the situation.
But it's true the energies have to change
I won't speak to soon but I can see him coming closer again
Someone pointed out a Madeleine cake today it's French apparently
Nick* I had e mail from a Nick today
Golf swing* 3 people
In two days spoke about golf
Zebra* someone had a zebra Xmas card ( really?! That's just weird)
One of them I don't want to say on here but it cracked me up when I read and heard it!
I won't go on but I just want to thank Shelly and Argus for calming me down and being so right and also for your simply kindness Shelly.
This woman is a Angel and I hand on heart want to say to anyone trust in Shelly, but live your life don't focus your energies on something it does delay it and I only knew that from the 5 month break and yes I lived and woke up and survived ( now have to tell my self that when the man is in a mood.
Things play out in there own time too, and to be fair it took me a 18 months / a year to really look at every thing and to acknowledge completely Shelly was right.

Merry Christmas all and happy new year xxx

Lots of love L xxx
Date of Posting: 22 December 2016
Posted By: Louise
Shelly is absolutely amazing. Not just because of her gift, but who she is as a person. If you're needing help or guidance on a situation let Shelly help you. She will be the light shining through on your cloudy days. I started emailing Shelly about 5 months ago, and I feel like she deserves a 100x star review/ testimonial. She's been helping me through a tough emotional situation. And she's given me plenty of markers, some (most) I've seen / heard. I don't believe in coincidences so when those markers happen, I'm aware of what they mean based off of what Shelly has told me. Nothing has progressed really in my situation, but that is 100% okay, I keep thinking about it and focusing on it which means my energy is going to it even if it's not intentional I'm the one pushing things away. Shelly advises doing the Psychic figure of 8 to keep the energies back and let things go naturally. So I'm going to do that! Reading everyone else's testimonials I know that what Shelly sees will happen, it just takes time. And I know in my heart things will happen how they are meant to be. And Shelly has really put things into perspective for me!
Date of Posting: 07 September 2016
Posted By: A.B.
United States
Just an amazing woman here. I've been going through a super extra rough time with various different aspects of my life from health to relationships to finances. It's like it all just hits me at one time. Shelly is always there for me. Always always. Without fail. I am so grateful to her and Argus.

On the financial front she told me of things that would occur and they did. Said things would get better for business and for me and it has. Just waiting on one more thing to happen which I already know it will cause if Shelly says it's going to happen then it will. Period. Doesn't matter the timing. It just WILL happen.

On the relationship front, it's still very hard. Shelly can see through my confusion and typically I'm not a confused person but omg I have been a very confused person for a very long period of time now regarding my relationship life. She's been bang on right with contact dates, behaviors and timings as to when things would occur and start to turn around. Sometimes I find what she says soooooooo hard to believe because everything in that moment seems polar opposite or something may happen shortly after a reading that seems contrary to what she told me but then........BAM what she says comes to pass and I find out later that she's correct about thoughts/feelings and things going on behind the scenes that I don't even know about.

Been talking to her for almost 3 years now. I will continue to talk to her as long as she's around and/or I'm around. Can't do without my Shelly. lol Pathetic I know but she's just that spectacular. When in this lovely earth angel. She'll help you out and put you at ease even if it's not the best news.

Thank you for everything Shelly and Argus. Blessings be with you and yours.........beautiful soul. Namaste <3
Date of Posting: 06 September 2016
Posted By: Jess
This testimonial has been a long time coming. I had been going really crazy with my situation and had decided to make a concerted effort not to overthink it and worry what might happen - also to take things at face value - something Shelly cautioned wouldn't be the smartest thing to do given much more was going on I had no way of verifying.

I refrained from contacting Shelly for several months. During that time, the situation went from bad to worse. When I contacted her for a reading this spring, we picked up exactly where we left off. Shelly was dead on describing the feelings, thoughts and actions of the individual in question even though I had already cut this person off. She told me I would see him driving in my neighbourhood, deliberately. Several days later, this happened. I couldn't believe it. She also told me what to do to fix the situation - but I was too mad at the person and didn't do it, which I regret.

No matter, about the person's thoughts and feelings she'd described, I know Shelly was right because we reconciled and he told me everything he had been thinking. It was exactly as Shelly had said!

It is still a hard go and since reconnecting, Shelly has told me a lot of things about my POI that he has said almost verbatim and verified himself. A lot of markers have been showing up recently, I just hope I can be patient and follow her advice!

Shelly and Argus continue to be wonderful friends and supports. I'd highly recommend you give Shelly a call!
Date of Posting: 24 August 2016
Posted By: J
ive been Shelly's client from 2013..from day one shes been telling me a few things about my situation.i knew she was right,yet i thought things will change..she kept telling me to let go n live my life,but i cudnt..btw she was the first one to see the situation for what it was and never gave me an outcome,as this cud go any where.
from past couple of months i have been going thru alot of hell.alot of issues,i got desperate as shelly wudnt change her readings even when i thought things are changing..i got frustrated..i tried other readers thinking maybe shelly wasnt picking it up..after all the circles..i came back to shelly cz i realized after a huge incident that she has been absolutely i am in that place Shelly asked me to be...letting go n living my life ,treat him as a friend..i cudnt do it earlier and never listened to everything made sense...i have never felt so terrible doing what i did and i really apologize for my unforgivable behavior.. Shelly forgave me and read for me again...i cant tell you the solace calm n belief i have in my case once am back reading with shelly again cz i trusted no other no matter what they said..i am human i made a mistake and i truly regret...
Date of Posting: 16 August 2016
Posted By: BM

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