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Thursday, 18th August 2022
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I have had a number of readings with Shelly and she never fails to amaze me!!! I am still waiting for the final outcome but she keeps me going and I know it will happen when the time is right....
I have had numerous validations and the markers are sometimes crazy but will always appear and no matter how hard you try you can't make these things happen......Some of them I have to say I haven't thanked Shelly for - for example in one reading she said I am seeing bumper damage - you know when you have a sporty car and you scuff it off a curb - Ah I said I used to do that all the time in my old car but not anymore I just got a new one... About a week later I left the house to go to work and a car that was parked near mine had bumper damage - Ah i thought....thats the marker - so I go to work park the car and manage to scuff my bumper off the kirb - thanks Shelly I did laugh though as I realised it was yet another marker that had appeared! Another random one she said you will see someone wearing a paper hat... hmmm I thought and was looking out for it (that doesnt amke it happen by the way)- anyway sure enough a few weeks later I was at an event and 2 lads had made these paper hats. Shelly is a lovely lady and won't just tell you what you want to hear.... well worth a call! And even when you think thats crazy it happens - so now for the final outcome I know we are getting there and Shelly has supported and guided me throughout... I'll be back to report when it happens! Thanks Shelly - Speak soon! xxx
Date of Posting: 09 January 2012
Posted By: FC
I have had many readings with Shelly about an ongoing problem I have, one particular reading on 1st Dec 11 has really stuck out as regards her markers relating to her outcomes and Im sharing this bit with you, as my story progresses I will of course update. I had written below as a form of letter to a cousin of mine so may appear a bit weird in the way I write it....

1. She said I'd hear of a Riot..a friend mentioned she'd just been in one on her FB posting
2. She said I would hear mention of Glue..on FB someone broke something a was wonderng if they could glue it back..this was to indicate that Peter was re-visiting his past....on Sunday I noticed he re-played the last video email I sent him on youtube!
3. She said someone has black nails...I had just painted mine black for the comedy club, and this was to be like an anvil hitting Peters head
4. She said I would hear of someone being called Apache...I told her I have that down on my info page on FB as to what my occupation is..she said not that's not it, I would hear the word. I had bought Inglorious Basterds a few weeks earlier and I only played last week, Brad Pitt's nickname is apache in that film, this was to let me know I was on right track and to apply no intensity whatsoever...I haven't looked at his FB through my other profile at all either..intensity gone
5. She said ther's something about a Kilt..I'd just joined a group called The Kilt on FB
6. She said I had neck problems...I had and was a validation
7. She said someone would talk about a bag of coal./...(this was from our last reading on the 8th) I just told my sister to buy me coal for Xmas
8. She said I would see or hear or whatever somwthing about Vancouver....on Michael Buble's FB he mentioned Vancouver two days ago...(,most of these marlers happened last two days)
9. She gave me 13 days, hours or of the month that I would hear from him...I accidently sent him a text yesterday, it was meant for the girl who does my bikini wax..he replied..with a flirt first tme he's spoken to me since our falling out in November
10. She said...when I see the name Star I would hear frm him via text and not under any circumstances to get ahead of myself with texts etc that he was not ready for a reconcilliation and it was purely about forgiveness....Laura Dalligan yesterday posted a picture of her cat Star...I heard from him yesterday
11. She said that on the 14th of November I would notice he would unblock me from FB...and that I would hear about someone called Pat...a local trader called Pat disappeared yesterday, he was found last night and today some one said on FB he was retiring....I had to look my fb block list and lo and behold I#'d noticed Peters name on my blocked wasn't there before cos atthe time of our fight I blocked him..and he blocked me at the same time...the frequencies or whatever they're called must have crosswired...but either way I unblocked him today, the exact day she said I'd notice he'd unblocked me...and I swear to God Sinead I'd forgotten that!! Or it never occured to me that today was the 14th!'s the tricky part! Regarding the marker for Star and to NOT throw any intensity into he situation...well I did. You know what it's like...things get out of control a bit. After his reply to me yesterday..I just text back with a 'ahaha...didn't mean to send you that' sort of text and that was that. But I re-read it again last night and thought to myself..was it an insult or a flirt? I'm really useless with these things! So I text hm today and asked what he meant..he replied and said he was sorry he shouldn't have sent the text that it was a mad moment, he said back to no texts, sorry Ciara. But two weeks later we were back talking as Shelly said we would be.

I was with him on Xmas eve for lunch and on a very tender footing with him right please finger crossed I get my man back!!! love to you all x
Date of Posting: 02 January 2012
Posted By: Ciara
Hi Shelly,
Just wanted to let you know that everything you told me before Xmas has happened ie Make three placements before xmas and the 23rd December would be linked to this. Yes I made the placments on the 23rd December.

Waiting for the other markers you gave me to happen which I am confident they will, I have spoken to many clairvoyants over a number of years and have to say that yo are the most accurate, amazing geniune psyhic I have ever come across and I would recommend you to anybody.

Once again a big thank you to you and Argus

Much love
Date of Posting: 28 December 2011
Posted By: MCC
Just needed to share my most recent marker with you.... In my last reading you mentioned Roland Rat, which was very random!! Anyway, last night, Roland Rat appeared in the most random of places and i have been laughing ever since!! Genius!!!

You are awesome!!!
Date of Posting: 29 October 2011
Posted By: michelle
Shelly was amazingly acurate, when she tuuned into my situation, her words made perfect sense to me. More importantly for me, the reading she gave stopped me giving up on a very important relationship. She showed me what lies ahead for me and already some of the things she predicted have started to happen.
Shelly is highly recommended and a very special lady. x
Date of Posting: 11 October 2011
Posted By: ginny o
39 year old Libra from London, London

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