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Thursday, 18th August 2022
UK Time: 10:40:pm

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Oh my god!! This women is incrediable she blew me away with her energy she was honest kind loving and strAight to the point... No messing about.. Tuned into me and my situation very quickly without asking me nothing other than his name.
Every single thing she said to me made perfect sense from me thinking about my hair cut short and coloured which I had only just thought about it the day before which that was a true validation...
Her wonderful guide is a true energy and I know he's very straight forward.
I believe what shelly has predicted regards to the man in question will call to fritition as I know she you are a true inspiration and 100% true.
Shelly you are a women who I will always keep you in preys as a pure light worker one.
Look forward to speak soon and for anyone who is Reading this feeedback call Shelly she is out of this world and promise I'm also a reader and she blew me away.. God bless shelly xxxxx
Date of Posting: 22 March 2010
Posted By: Elaine Bullock
I had a lovely reading with shelly last friday,she brought through my mum and gran and gave me facts about them including my gran's name,the probs she had had this side of life and the fact that she had needed two sticks,but no longer needed any,also mums tinnitus and that she knew how close my sister and I are and was very proud of us,all this left me in no doubt that they were with her,she said they were laughing about some footwear I had,and that they would like a pair each, these could only be the pink and fluffy boot type slippers that my children gave me on mothers day,its so comforting to know they are around me and my family and that through shelly I can still hear from them,mum did say I would be getting married again which was a bit of a shock abeit a nice one,mind,I'll have to find a man first lol, also an ex with the middle name john would be in touch again,guess who rang me this morning!I would see a wagon with foreign writing on it carrying a container on it, a bit like a skip, I came up behind this wagon while travelling home the other day,I am waiting for the main event now,so all these things and more really boost my positivity and keep me going,thanks again shelly and argus xx
Date of Posting: 21 March 2010
Posted By: Alison M
Had a second reading with Shelly last Thursday, what can I say, Wow Wow Wow, as usual straight to the point, gave the information that I needed to know, validations, markers in time, (I love those). Thank you Shelly, will definitely be in touch again soon. xxxx
Date of Posting: 14 March 2010
Posted By: karen alexander
I've been having regular readings with Shelly and am just back to share another thing that has come true. I applied for a job in February and asked if I would be successful, she told me she didn't see this happening until March/April time which was odd because the job app closed right at the beginning of Feb. Well I have had an interview in March and have just been told I have the job, effective from 1st shelly was right again!
Date of Posting: 12 March 2010
Posted By: Deb .
This lady is an absolute gem. I have had 3 readings with Shelly in the last 6 months and she has been consistant in her predictions without any prompting from me. Her markers in time do really happen when you need them most eg my late dad's birthday.In my first two readings, which were three months apart, Shelly actually gave me the same marker, an Austin Allegro car.A few days ago I was having a bit of a "wobble" and arranged another reading with Shelly.A few hours before the reading I did a right turn and there it was coming past me an austin allegro. How many of those are still on the road!
Names Shelly gives seem to make sense and I can relate to the reading being specific to me. In my reading a few days ago she named an aunt in spirit who had come through to give my mum healing for a quite uncommon medical condition that she also named. Amazing.
But for me the best thing about Shelly has been her kindness, care, positivity and professionalism that has been an inspiration. I think that has helped me more than anything else. Thankyou.
Date of Posting: 11 March 2010
Posted By: T S
west yorkshire

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